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Exclamation JDownloader 2 - Beta FAQ


Here is a short FAQ to the new JDownloader 2 Beta version.

1. What is this version and where can I get it?

jdownloader.org/download page
board.jdownloader.org forum thread

General Install Instructions:
Either use the installer or the JAR file in a new location. Alternatively you can make a copy of your previous install directory (stable (0.9.581) or nightly) and apply the updater or installer to that copied location. This process will will convert as many of your previous settings.

Additional JAR Help:
Run "JDownloader.jar" either by: double clicking, OR right clicking & run with java OR by command line 'java -jar JDownloader.jar'. This will download all the required JDownloader 2 files.

Disclaimer: It contains incomplete features (GUI), and contain bugs. Use it at you own discretion.

Requirement: Java (JRE) 6 or 7** or 8**.
** = preferred

2. I miss some of the old JDownloader features, will they come back?

Please read the thread referenced in #3, it explains why addons are not present.

Also search the forum prior to asking a question, it could have already been asked and answered.

Please note that asking for missing features doesn't make much sense because most of them will come back in the final JDownloader 2.
Once the final JD2 is released, you can still ask!

3. How can I migrate my downloadlist and settings from version 0.9.851 to JDownloader 2 BETA?

Simply copy the "config" folder located in your JDownloader installation directory into the new JDownloader 2 BETA installation directory.
Note: JDownloader 2 will only check for old configurations on the first run!
If JD2 starts before you copy over your "config" folder, you will need to remove downloadList*.zip & linkcollector*.zip & org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.accounts.ejs and org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.json files from jdownloader2/cfg folder, and start JD2, conversion should take place.

4. My JD2 crashed / I've lost my downloadlist in JD2.
Click here!

5. Known issues! (Click here to view)

6. I want to submit a bug, how do I do this?

Please re-read point 3 and make sure its NOT a known issue prior to wasting your time.

Please follow our Bug Report Rules on how to write a proper bug report. We need a detailed description of the problem, screen shots are very welcome. Please propose solutions if possible.

7. How can In make logs in JD2?

Click on "Help" -> "Create Log" -> At the end you should get a loglink which you can then post in our board so that our supporters can help you.

7. Captcha priorities - how do they work?
Click HERE!


1.JD2 BETA Installation
2.JD2 BETA Reconnect Recorder
3.JD2 BETA Log posten
4.JD2-BETA Installation unter Ubuntu / Mint
5.JD2 BETA Packagizer
6.JD2 BETA Men�s selbst anpassen
Herzlichen Dank an datroubler f�r die Video Tutorials

Greetings from JD staff

Ad-free installers || Werbefreie Installer
<--Current Stable 0.9.581-->Windows Setup
Windows Setup<--JD2 BETA-->Linux Setup x86 || Linux Setup x64 || Mac Setup
-----=>Support Chat<=-----

Haha nice one Jiaz
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netload free does not support free
That's true James
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Die Leute verstehen einfach nicht dass nur weil man mit einer Waffe auch auf Menschen schießen kann dass ein Schützenver​ein kein Ort für Amoklaufide​en ist

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