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Default New working megaupload plugin

Hi everyone,

Since i don't want to install Eclipse, and it appears that Netbeans got some issues to compile the JD sources, i wanted to change the real megaupload plugin but can't. (If someone can compile JD, i can give the new file).

So, i edited the compiled .class file using hexadecimal editor (...) to change the regex checking on the account type. And that's working for now (for those who really want to dl now, like me =) )

There is the new megauploadcom.class file :
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To install it :
Close JD.
Go to JD directory, then go to plugins/hoster.
Rename Megauploadcom.class to whatever (to save it)
Paste the file I uploaded, and rename it Megauploadcom.class
Launch JD.

Warning : Because of JD checking at launch, if you fully close JD and re-launch it, the old Megauploadcom.class file will be back. So you'll have to put mine instead everytime you launch it.

Hoping that could help someone,

(Btw, sorry for my english ^^)