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this is a working reconnect script for
Cablemodem Cisco EPC3212 / 3212
Router TP-Link TL-WR1043N / TL-WR1043ND with default firmware

the cabelmodem only gives a new IP, if the MAC adress from
connected router or PC is different to the recognized MAC before.

the script works in this way:
- reboot cablemodem
- generate new random MAC
- transfer new MAC to router
- reboot router

the script does all this via DOS batch.
you only have to fill in some parameters,
such as username, password, IP and
your individual cablemodem frequency.
this is all commented in the script.

extract folder with script + curl.exe to "c:\reconnect"

configuration @ jdownloader:
reconnect -> TAB "Batch"
write "reconnect.bat" in big field (Batch Script)
Execute in (Folder for Execution) "c:\reconnect"


the script will work with other routers, you only have to
customize the cURL command lines for MAC change and reboot.

have fun;)

attachment contains: reconnect.bat / cURL.exe / screenshot for configuration
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