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A few points for the avoidance of doubt:

1. The developers are really willing to find a solution for the adware problem. As proof I want to point out that adware has already been removed from the installer. Unfortunately, the former won't apply to the manufacturer of the installer bundle - InstallCore. That's why this controversy grinds on for so long. One cannot knock over an existing business modell, overnight. Everybody has to gain a living. Concerning the installation of unwanted adware, developers and community go along with each other - this shouldn't happen. I'm sorry to say that this situation won't change due to the development of JD2 and some other complications, soon.

2. The checkbox "Advanced" has to stay checked, otherwise all changes will be lost. If anything has been installed, though, we recommend removing the adware with the Junkware Removal Tool. Please be aware of the many agreements from users we receive whom haven't been installed adware. In addition, supporters and developers will help you in our Support Chat (with TeamViewer if requested).

3. There will definitely be a paid version of JD, in future. It's not just that it won't contain any adware but also some extra features. The price will be located between some cents and euros, depending on its reception.
What would you pay for a version with no adware, extra features and the support of the JD developers? Write to us via PN or email to support at!

4. You find an adware-free installer for every operating system at this link. Please do not spread the download links! If any, please link to the post like I did.
Let's be honest: how many developers do such things for their community?

5. All that can be said, has been said. Everyone who comes across this post by using a search engine shall be referred to the rest of this thread. New threads concerning adware in JD will be closed.

We wish you all the very best!
Your JD staff

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