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It seems to be a server problem. It happens when your download is somehow disrupted, and you have been disconnected, but on the file server side (MU, RS, etc), they still detect your IP status as downloading. As a result they deny you to reconnect or resume download. Since there is no such error message as:

"Your download has fuxxored. Please resume or begin the next download later, or when the server side has acknowledged that your download has been aborted, and thus freeing up your IP for the next download."

Unfortunately JDownloader can only blindly attempt to reconnect, so all your downloads begin to show "no permissions to write to hard disk", such as what you see here...

This is getting to be a mega issue with RS, which doesn't allow resuming. So if you see a page full of 200 meg segmented files, and you know your server will take a big dump on you, then I'd advise that you just walk away.