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New bug: looks like JD2 mis-detected a reconnect-waittime. Instead of a 1-minute countdown after captcha, I have a 1hour countdown for a link. (With a browser, this is what happens when you hit waittime. The counter counts down, but when it reaches zero, datafile tells you your captcha timed out.)


edit: maybe this is correct behaviour. I'm seeing the 1h wait with a web browser even on fresh IPs. Maybe datafile does that when their servers are loaded up, and I'd just never seen it in JD2 before. Still, with the multiple-links-starting bug, having a few links per connection in 1hour waits, instead of reconnect-waits, means I start to run into the hard cap of 20 downloads.

Also, can the log upload dialog be read-only? I had to upload a 2nd log, because I was typing when the dialog opened up. My typing overwrote the log link, and there's no undo.

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