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This may be stupid of me to ask, but does youtube (or the yt plugin) cap the download speed towards the end of large video files?
Im downloading some videos of 3-5 GB each and Ive noticed my speed is fine [~450 KB/sec, not maxing my line, but fine] for the first 90%, but then the last 10% are restricted (about 50 KB/sec), effectively adding an hour or so per file. It's an inconvenience, nothing else, but I'd like to know if it's a bug, a temporary issue, or just "normal" now. I also noticed jdownloader wants me to buy a YT premium account, however the link it gives me leads nowhere. So yeah. Essentially this is me just going 'derp' and asking, rather than dying ignorant

Appreciate any help + all the work you guys are doing, tyvm
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