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Exclamation RAR5 support (Version 24.10.2016-14:25)

Please make sure your JDownloader is updated to latest available version! Version=Update date! Has nothing to do with Version shown in JDownloader

English: Do NOT rename the files! Just extract them!
Deutsch: Die Dateien NICHT umbennen! Bitte einfach nur entpacken!

English: Download the zip file from mega
Deutsch: Die Zip Datei von Mega herunterladen

Linux (64Bit only, Intel/AMD) (updated on 07.08.2019, reason: reuploaded)!fjIWVAgT!ZyrxAyU26IfxDdmpBemMAer4DpzW06oIEAYboPMom98

Linux (ARM6 und ARM7, 32Bit)
comming soon...

Linux (ARM8, 64Bit)
comming soon...

Windows (32/64Bit) (updated on 07.08.2019, reason: reuploaded)!i3Z22K5D!hpaeX9yAXAIAj7UxUHJMhUAHyvbzTJUEYUhtckoLrTw

MacOS (64Bit only) (updated on 07.08.2019, reason: reuploaded)!amR2wC5I!Y52sa0jCPX2d0M-FL4sQqSMm4Uvckc7uFaEg_id3QUU

English: Extract the zip into your JDownloader/libs folder. You can find/open the JDownloader folder via the about dialog of JDownloader
Deutsch: Die zip Datei bitte in den JDownloader/libs Ordner entpacken. Der Ordner kann über den About/Über Dialog des JDownloader gefunden/geöffnet werden.

Please provide feedback and report bugs here
In case your system/os is not listed here, please report and I will try to build a suitable package for you
JD-Dev & Server-Admin

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