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Originally Posted by Misho1702 View Post
... I'd like to decrease the time interval but I don't know if that would break something maybe with the rss2json or something.
Reducing the interval will not be of any help when fetching feeds using rss2json. They cache the results and from what I have observed, it is refreshed only every hour. So any query made within less than an hour of the initial query will return the same content.

Originally Posted by 0r3n View Post
... Is there a way to run it on the packages manually? ...
Can create a custom button in context menu and use this script.

// Write link comments from a package to 'csv' file
// Trigger: "DownloadList Contextmenu Button Pressed"

var buttonName = "Comments to CSV"; // <- Button name used in context menu (case-sensitive)

if (name == buttonName && dlSelection.isPackageContext()) {
    var package = dlSelection.getContextPackage();
    var links = package.getDownloadLinks();
    var data = [];

    links.forEach(function(link) {
        var comment = link.getComment();
        var fileName = link.getName();
        if (comment) data.push([fileName, comment].join(","));

    if (data.length) {
        var destFolder = package.getDownloadFolder() + "/";
        var destFile = package.getName() + ".csv";
        writeFile(destFolder + destFile, data.join("\r\n"), true);
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