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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
What other issue? You mean the folder structure or what?
Yup! Exactly! The folder structure one from here

its still happening =\

Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
No! The smallest folder that I can find from that courses is 94 MB, far above 10 MB, so if you want to try once again, go on, if still fails, report to their support or delete all of your zip links of that courses. The sizes of your zip links are wrong, we can't correct those. Next time if you re-add, you won't get any .zip from those courses because the limit is now up to 10 MB only.
Ok then.... but, i don't know how you downloaded the zip files from the browser... they don't even shows to me.... any folder I downloaded got the zip files... is there any black magic behind it? =)

And the zip issue relays on the server side then? =\
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