Thread: [Solved] reCaptcha Stopped Working
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There are 3 types of issues:
1.) hard/many captcha rounds for a single captcha. even on normal websites
-> this seems to happen independant of JDownloader as I could reproduce the issue on normal browser usage myself without any extension/JDownloader being involved. But I could no longer reproduce it by today

2.) solved captchas returning tokens that google fail to confirm few secs later
-> this causes the *looping*. You solve a captcha. Google returns valid token. JDownloader wants to proceed and hoster validates the token and Google now tells the token is invalid. So new captcha... -> loop

3.) harder/more captchas with extension(for use with JDownloader) than normal download/visit in browser.
-> We're working on some ideas for future update of the extension and hope this update relieve the situation
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