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Default Metadata for Date is broken

On the plugin, I have customized filename generation:

*CHANNELNAME* - [*date[yy.MM.dd]*] *VIDEO_NAME*.*EXT*
Here is a screenshot of **External links are only visible to Support Staff**a playlist I downloaded yesterday afternoon. The filename generation was correct:


Last night I downloaded a few random YouTube videos and noticed that no dates were being generated. This morning, I realized that it's completely broken now.

Here is the exact same playlist in the LinkGrabber this morning (highlighted red because I still have the completed downloads in the download queue):


I don't know how to find the version number of the plugin, but JDownloader 2 is fully up to date as of this writing.

I've also had problems with the plugin sometimes not writing any metadata to the video container (a much appreciated little feature!) even though the Filename and Packagename functions are able to correctly utilize the metadata. But I'll make a separate issue thread for that after I research it some more.

Typing that paragraph made me wonder if the year tag was being written to the video file's metadata, despite the problems with filename generation. I downloaded **External links are only visible to Support Staff**a random video to check, and the title, artist and url (in the comment tag) were present as expected... but there was no Year tag!


If there's any more information I can share to help with this date issue, let me know. Thanks!
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