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Yes, but for the past range of days if possible, otherwise, on a daily basis as they are been posted.

See screenshot of both keyword search query that I filter every three to four days. For the 1080p WEB I use chrome to highlight 'WEB' on every page of the search since their query for WEB cannot be filtered as well as other sites like and rarbg. After three days, the left side query will provide anywhere from 2-3 pages, however the web (right side query) will result with around 16+ pages.

I just noticed that every single post for both queries includes downloadable links for Rapidrar(RR) so it would be best to substitute CU with RR as some posts do not include downloadable links for either UL or CU, this way the crawler will not skip those filtered posts when they do not have links for UL and CU. So add the downloadable RR and UL links for the filtered results.

I just realized that the query by keyword for the second set '1080p WEB' may not work well because it will probably include TV-shows which I do not want, so, here is a further breakdown of what I 'actually' need from the 1080p WEB keyword query in Movies category: 1080p WEBRip VXT and 1080p WEBRip RARBG.

RMZ search query results in movies will not work properly when it includes the groupname VXT since it is too short for the query.
So basically, I'm only interested in 1080p WEBRip VXT and RARBG and 1080p Bluray VXT and RARBG from the movies categories.

Both queries include all four results, otherwise I would have to use several search queries. This is not a problem with sites like and RARBG since I'm able to search on both of those sites with only two queries that filters the results accurately for just movies by using '1080p VXT' and '1080p RARBG' so if both of these keyword queries can be used for the site crawler rules then that would be perfect.
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