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Default LinkCrawler to Pass Cookies (Preserve Login/Session)

I've spent 4-5 hours looking through posts, googling, and testing dozens of different LinkCrawler variants, but it has become clear I have no idea what I'm doing, lol

The Situation:
I have a valid, paid LinkedIn account. I would like to archive some courses offline, by downloading with jDownloader (build date 4/4/2020).

LinkedIn requires a valid login (not HTTP auth) to access the embedded .MP4 videos. My goal is to pass my login credentials using the LinkCrawler rules, where I paste the exact session variables being used to access the videos from Chrome browser.

Two example links:
(obfuscated to allow posting)

When loggged-in (valid session cookie), these links have an embedded *.mp4 video from a url.

I am passing the cookies from my valid login using the LinkCrawler Rules at:
Settings > Advanced Settings > LinkCrawler: Linkcrawler Rules

I also pass my user-account/password. I do not believe this is used, because LinkedIn does not use HTTP auth.

I am pasting my LinkCrawler code, below
(where you see "removed", I have removed the data, either for privacy or to shorten / easier to read):

[ {
  "id" : 1586007825050,
  "name" : "LinkedInVideos",
  "enabled" : true,
  "logging" : true,
  "maxDecryptDepth" : 1,
  "domainPattern" : ".*linkedin\\.com",
  "filenamePattern" : "\\.mp4$",
  "rule" : "DEEPDECRYPT",
  "accountPattern" : "",
  "passwordPattern" : "removed",
  "packageNamePattern" : null,
  "formPattern" : null,
  "deepPattern" : null,
  "cookies" : [ [ "215E3D5995C57C0A495C55%40AdobeOrg", "removed" ], [ "AMCV_14215E3D5995C57C0A495C55%40AdobeOrg", "removed" ], [ "JSESSIONID", "removed" ], [ "PLAY_LANG", "en" ], [ "PLAY_SESSION", "removed" ], [ "SID", "removed" ], [ "VID", "removed" ], [ "_ga", "removed" ], [ "_gcl_au", "removed" ], [ "aam_uuid", "removed" ], [ "bcookie", "removed" ], [ "bscookie", "removed" ], [ "lang", "v=2&lang=en-US" ], [ "li_at", "removed" ], [ "liap", "TRUE" ], [ "lidc", "removed" ], [ "lil-lang", "en_US" ], [ "lissc", "1" ], [ "lissc1", "1" ], [ "lissc2", "1" ], [ "sl", "v=1&85fMp" ] ],
  "updateCookies" : true
} ]

I chose the DEEPDECRYPT method (with a depth of 1). The reason for this, the link I am pasting may embed or redirect to Lynda. To be safe, I felt it should do a "deep" review of the site, but I could be wrong. I also tested the DIRECTHTTP method, but that didn't work, either.

I've spent all day trying different things and I'm out of ideas. Are there any LinkCrawler experts out there who can help?

Thank you in advance!

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