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Originally Posted by tt_1111 View Post
Is there any way to enforce a hoster specific limit of parallel download threads?
Answer is yes!

psp answer is some what incorrect, as specifying a global max sim per host is not specific to a host.

settings > advanced settings > GeneralSettings.domainrules

[ {
  "domainPattern" : ".*jdownloader\\.org",
  "filenamePattern" : "\\.png$",
  "accountPattern" : "myUsername",
  "pluginPattern" : null,
  "enabled" : false,
  "maxSimultanDownloads" : 20,
  "allowToExceedTheGlobalLimit" : false
} ]
so you can have different limits based on the content type like images are small files, which you need more sim dls to maintain speed, and have secondary rule for larger sized content on the same host which might need less connections as speed is maintained.

for instance I used to have a rule for youtube, as it saturated my connection with one download, yet at times I needed more threads for other downloads.

Don't think there is control for mh side though

hope that helps

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