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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@Enomine: Scale from 1 to 10, the new Cloudflare Challenge is about ..maybe 1 Million. You can search for it on other projects and then you will have a clue about it. I don't want to link to that project here. As this Cloudflare changes affects ALL websites/ALL projects, more and more ppl will work on solutions/workarounds but at the moment I'm not aware of any *near finish* progress.
Hey Jiaz,
Hey other programmers and community managers,

are there new informations about solving the problem?
Have there been tries to solve it? What did you try or imagine of? Or didn't you write any line of code, because of no ideas?

Did you think about contacting Cloudflare to get into a conversation with them, to solve it cooperative? Did you try to contact Cloudflare? Could/should we organize an online-petition?

What possibilitys can we think of how Cloudflare can actually give us access again when they cooperate? My english is bad. I mean: Which different ways do you think are possible how we can get access while cloudflare would cooperate?
- Is it actually possible for cloudflare to set JDownloader as an exception (while JDownloader promisses not to DDOS the servers?)?
- Is some kind of API communications between the servers possible if Cloudflare would provide it? (which needs JDownloader-crew to actually implement it)

Thanks - Enomine
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