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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Please add a better problem description and example URLs and screenshots.
I did not really understand what you wanted to tell us there ...


what i try to say is.

when i try to download a playlist on youtube.

first like in Video Works,
but not the rest of playlist.

i notice it is because first like start normally like :
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

but inside source code, the other like juste have :


so Jdownloader do not identify "href="/watch?v=-sNWKbnaFkg&list=RD4NRXx6U8ABQ&index=2" as like because of lack of **External links are only visible to Support Staff** in front of it.

that is where i say that chrome automatically complete link when you click it.

and Jdownloader doesnt.

is there a plugin who does it automatically ?

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