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@Jiaz: Eventhough though the files cannot be downloaded, users might like to keep it on the list and mark them as finished for future reference. For e.g. to avoid duplicate downloads when the plugin starts working again. There was a similar request in another thread.

Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
Wenn man jetzt ein File Exist Überprüfung einbauen könnte, damit der Progressbar 100% anzeigt vom Link.
Wenn alles complete ist, kann er ja dann auch direkt mit entpacken anfangen, wie bei JD Downlaod auch.
Is possible with following:
GeneralSettings.allowunsafefilenameforfileexistscheck -> Enable Checkbox
GeneralSettings.iffileexistsaction -> Set to "Skip" OR "Ask me" and then when prompted select "Skip the file".
GeneralSettings.onskipduetoalreadyexistsaction -> Skip file & Mark as finished

When you start downloading the links. if the file exists on disk in the specified download location, it will be automatically marked as finished and also extracted if it is an archive.

Please note, this may affect accurate detection of duplicate file check of other files, since 'unsafe' file check option needs to be enabled.
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