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@mgpai: I am very happy that you support me so quickly and competently.

I have tested this link (*): player.vimeo .com/video/605104717?h=a3aecf410c
with password (without 3 Blanks): https ://www .wahrheitskongress .de/
On the vimeo-site there is no description, hence exists no link.description.

9. The script does'nt create a textfile. How can we fix it? I assume != "". How must we code?:
if (link.finished && ( == "" || == "???")) {

10. It comes, per Copy & Clipboard, from this site: www .wahrheitskongress .de/2021-tag-1-1-interview-mit-die-weisse-bueffelkalbfrau/
11. Is there any solution to get the link (*) from 10.?
12. Is there any solution to get the description from 10.?

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