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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@Horst1919: yt limits bandwidth to actual required bitrate*1.5 (for speed up of video). That's normal and been this way since several years now.
No, it has not been like this for years now, just like the other guys said already it happened to drastically change over the last weeks and especially days, as reflected by the reports above.

Until a couple of weeks ago I always had about 2-3 MB/s per video with 3 chunks per download.
Then it started to drop to 120-140 KB/s(!) per video occasionally, however the mentioned download reset fixed it immediately for the most part.
Since only a few days getting a "fast slot" required to reset the downloads again and again and again and again until it finally succeeded.
As of today, this doesn't work anymore at all :'[
(which is why I finally came back here again to check for statements on the matter)

I have a feeling YT rolled out the throttling "feature" consecutively over their various servers and cdns during that period, which is why the reset "fix" happened to work less and less often over time.

Only way to increase bandwidth is to increase max connections/chunks but that can also lead to faster blocking by yt.
Since I figured 3 sim. dl/hoster + 3 chunks/dl = 9 connections prevented IP blocking pretty well the past months, I raised the chunks to 10/dl and tried only one download at a time.
Obviously, that increased the 120-140 KB/s only to about 400 KB/s, which is still less than a quarter of what I had at the least with 3 chunks/dl on the unthrottled connections. So that's no permanent solution.

Just clarifying here in the interest of anyone who already reported the issue.
I'm fully aware the JD team - most likely - can't do anything about it.
It's on Youtube alone, and unfortunately it's safe to say it will be permanent.
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