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I got an update and have a changed "NewsAstraWebCom.class" (9313 Byte).
Got an recaptcha on refresh that account, and solved it.
(On Headless-NAS - recaptcha: "Fehlerhinweis für den Inhaber der Website: Schlüsseltyp ungültig")
But ... on headfull it seems to be OK.

But adding a nzb i got "Skiped - No account".
Had clean the list, restart JD2 and add a brand new nzb. Same result.
(Account OK: Premium Account / Unlimited)
(Skip - No Account)

26.10.21 22.18.04 <--> 26.10.21 22.16.57 jdlog://3489825302851/

For testing you can download some MB or a GB, no problem ...

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