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Oh yeah. I've noticed that they've shifted to the same design as and

I should mention that I am currently crawling, but unfortunately, every while, a (big) batch of the links added would get an error and tell me "try restarting".

At first, the problem was with authorization/verification. sent me an email to enter a code to authorize "my device" (which was actually JD, but they said it's a Firefox browser)


JD didn't prompt me to enter a code, I don't suppose it supports that mechanism yet (does it?), but thankfully, there's an alternative option to authorize just by pressing a button in the email (maybe they were generous enough to consider that people use download managers?)


I thought I'd mention this in case you get any complaints from users, so you'd be in the picture.

However. The downloads continued after authorization, but stopped again with the same error "restart download/plugin". Restarting the plugin, the download and the program all didn't work. The problem is that I have a few thousand links copied, and it takes hours to crawl them. And I have already removed the links and re-added them twice. First time worked, because I authorized. But the second time didn't work. I have also tried copying single links just to test, and anything new that I add does not work ("Restart Download")


I think I've experienced this with too at one point. I will send you my login credentials to both and before I post this

I'll attach my last two logs (they occurred within the past 14~ hours, but I think they will be very dense, because a lot has happened (many downloads)).

14.01.22 04.51.19 <--> 14.01.22 04.49.36 jdlog://9863925302851/

Thank you

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