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Lightbulb [Feature Request] Auto-restarting failed/erroneous downloads

I run thousands of downloads. I get up from my computer, sometimes I go sleep, get back hours later (or sometimes a few days) to see errors.

I understand that not all errors are the same, but I propose adding a feature to auto-restart downloads that had the "Try Restarting This Link" Error.

Maybe you could add an option for multiple types of errors. For example, allow the users to auto-restart the downloads for X type of error, or Y type of error, but not both (or both).

My personal preference is, instead of stopping the downloads after trying all of them, JD could go back to the ones that failed and restart them, and go down the list again and again until they're all downloaded (no need to stop at all), instead of stopping downloads when there are still some items that haven't been downloaded because of errors.

An even more advanced feature would be if the users could mark an item as "do not restart" for example. So if there was an error, JD wouldn't try to restart.
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