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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@Anto2k1: you should try to find out the cause why the script fails, because if a simple bash script cannot download a file, chances are very high that JDownloader won't work either.
can you ssh into your nas and try wget the file?

If you want we can take a look at it together via Teamviewer, contact us via

my ideas:
1.) missing dns setup and your nas is not able to resolve DNS
2.) DNS/PEER blocker, eg pihole
3.) VPN/PROXY error
4.) missing/wrong network gateway setup and nas cannot connect to internet
Hi, I've solved it, thank You so much for your help and assistance...
I've edited the script, in this mode, with notepad++ and lines numbers for reference, so...

Install from the dash on the NAS, the JDownloader2_1.38.qpkg
Line 4: echo on // add for debug
Line 16 rem and copy the "name", and substitute with the real file name the variables, jd2_update
Lines 25-31 rem // in this case the JD2 is installed and must skip the check
Lines 203-209 // Don't need to download the file
Lines 220-226 // Same

After this, You must have the file in the right location, JD...jar and JD...qpkg in the Public folder

make executables the file, like normal, chmod+x

and run the script.

The script in my case hang, but CTRL+C, unlock the script, and resume..until the ask for login/pass for and continue to the end, et volila', JD2 is installed and running fine
From the dash i see my jd active NAS and PC...

That's all, hope can be usefull for other...

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