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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
unfortunately the new method currently doesn't support chunks
This is weird ... and by that I mean the date of this post, which is April 16th. I could swear by the life of my recently doubled bandwidth (for half the price ) that I still saw multi chunk youtube downloads only a couple of weeks ago, if not even at least until late May. That is, because I had a keen eye on that behavior right until before my upgrade on 1st of June.

I almost started suspecting the bandwidth increase to be the cause of "the issue" - but that would, of course, be really really strange and probably also stupid. So I searched and searched until I found the above. My guess for what would explain this:
There was just a short period of testing "1 chunk youtube" in April, then switched back to "n chunk youtube" for the most part, and then "1 chunk youtube" rolled out permanent only recently?
(curiously, I never had any throttling issues for the past months, ever ... at 3 chunks / 3 dl per hoster, running that repeatedly every single day, updating JD every single day)

but with much higher speeds there should be no need for it.
While the wording "no need" is technically correct, apparently, multi chunk download still saturates the line way more evenly and consistently. The demise of multi chunk youtube dl happening (as to my notion) exactly around the time where I finally could actually make use of it, is a big BIG bummer

Therefore: Any chance of multi chunk youtube download coming back at any point in the foreseeable future?
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