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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
the changes (increase speed, 1 chunk only) only applies to files of larger size and certain format. small files or old formats are not affected by this change and thus you still might be able to *spot* chunks here and then:)
In recent years, almost all of my dl files have been in the range of about 100MB to 3000MB and of the filetype MP4 (plus tiny SRT files).

the changes have gone live mid of april, last change on this was on april 25th.
Then this remains to be weird, since as said I'm sure all my video files were downloaded in chunks until at least mid/late May (while having a keen eye on it but sadly no proof ) despite daily JD updates, and now none of my video files download in chunks anymore since a couple days or weeks at max ...

Thanks for the future development teaser tho, imma just watch and wait

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