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Question Weird things happening again ...

TL;DR below!

On August 18th, like most people showing up here, I was hit by the throttle and - at the time of #4979 being the latest post - went on writing a big ass long reply reporting/confirming the issue, answering some questions and asking some myself ... only to then realize shortly before sending it that in the meantime @Leifman had written almost the exact same things word for word so I scrapped the whole thing to not be mistaken as an alt account of theirs and read along silently ever since.

On August 29th (!) late afternoon, I noticed youtube dl speeds were back to normal again out of nowhere (almost, peculiarly I had one single yt video downloading at max speed a couple of days before) and that without me updating JDownloader. So I assumed google had simply lifted the throttle, just like they did last time at some point. Quickly double-checking the JD About, I was still on build #46316 of June 26th. So I checked the plugin timestamps, since I read somewhere that - other than the core - it's possible to force plugin updates silently in the background, but the newest YoutubeDashV2*.class files were still dated June 10th. To me all of that looked like the throttle had coincidentally been lifted around the same time the update was released which, again, I had not manually installed via restart and as far as I could tell also weren't installed automatically without restart either. And this time I did make screenshots for proof ...
Originally Posted by JDmurphy View Post
Then this remains to be weird, since as said I'm sure all my video files were downloaded in chunks until at least mid/late May (while having a keen eye on it but sadly no proof) despite daily JD updates
... so that this doesn't happen again

Anyways, here's my question:


Is it possible that the relevant changes to restore full yt dl speed were applied
a) while JD2 was running - which means 24/7 with no restarts
b) without updating the core - which had been mentioned repeatedly to be necessary
c) without updating the youtube plugin - which I assume are the YoutubeDashV2*.class files

I'm curious to know for technical reasons and also for future reference to be able to tell what's going on.

P.S.: Anyone else observing yt dl speeds going back to normal while JD2 was running continuously without any updates happening?
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