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Originally Posted by GNIREENIGNE View Post

I am experiencing a strange issue that I have not seen before. Perhaps this is something simple that I have overlooked. I apologize, if so.

I have a particular video that is broken out into chunks, and I am not able to save off the entire video:

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Any suggestions?

I would not normally download such a video, but this particular video keeps buffering for some reason, making it difficult to watch. I have a fiber connection, so this should not be happening.

Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate it.
Maybe your video is/was a live stream that was still live? I, personally, have never attempted to save a still live stream with JD. I have, however, attempted to grab and save a long stream which had just ended, and in that instance, JD cannot grab the complete video, because YT has not completed processing the video yet.

YT also has a Premiere system, which is sort of a cross between traditional upload and live stream. For a Premiere, the video is fully uploaded, but is not made "live" until the scheduled date and time. When the video goes live, the duration bar has no definite time, but viewers can live chat while watching, and the traditional comments are not active while the video is live.

I believe, while a Premiere is live, JD cannot grab the video. Now, since a Premiere, unlike a Live Stream, has a set duration, the Live Chat will automatically disable after the Premiere finishes, and after reloading the page, the traditional comments will be active, the Live Chat which was recorded, will replay over the duration of the video, and if the Premiere was not too long, then JD should, almost immediately, be able to grab the video.
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