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Default How to report a speed problem.

As for all JDownloader problems, when you are reporting a speed problem, always include sample links that are slow and a log that includes downloading some of those links. Make sure you report speed problems only in **External links are only visible to Support Staff**General Bugreport.

For speed problems, please also include any software that runs at the same time as JDownloader. Your security software can severely affect your download speed. Running other internet programs (such as uTorrent, internet television, or even a bad browser), can "starve" JDownloader of the resources it needs.

Please see this discussion for information about choosing and using security software.

It is important to report which settings you have changed in the program or run
java -jar jdownloader.jar -config 2>jdconfiglog.txt
to generate a text file with all of your settings. You can create a rar archive containing the file and attach it to a message [Go Advanced, then Manage Attachments].

The most important settings are Max. Con. and Max. Dls. on the bottom of each JDowloader page.

Report speed problems in **External links are only visible to Support Staff**General Bugreport.
The other thing that slows things down is the wrong TCP settings. is a good place to get the information you need. It depends on your OS and version.

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