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Default Windows 7 and Vista WEP Patch

Microsoft has released a warning about bugs in WFP (a component of Windows "7" and "Vista"). These bugs cause a serious memory leak and system crashes in these operating systems when used with most security software and sometimes with JDownloader.

Please read for more information.
Download and install the appropriate patch for your processor, and restart your computer.

You only need one file. The patch must match your OS and processor. If you use the wrong file, it will not install.

WFP patch for Windows Vista on 32 bit processor
WFP patch for Windows 7 (6.1) on 32 bit processor
WFP patch for Windows 7 (6.1) on 64 bit processor

For other processors (Windows 7 Itanium, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows Vista Itanium) visit

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