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Default Windows System Repair for JDownloader

A. Fix Java
If you have Java JRE 1.6.0_21 32 bit installed (and you are sure it is correct), skip to the next section.
1) Download "Comodo System Cleaner" from As an alternative (or in addition), you can download Glary Utilities from
2) Download Java JRE 1.6.0_21 32 bit. You can download it from You use the 32 bit version, even on a 64 bit OS.
3) Go to "Help and Support" and save a Restore Point.
4) Disable any programs that normally start with your systems.
5) Uninstall the Java JRE. You should restart your computer.
6) Delete the Java directory (usually C:\program files\java\) and all sub-directories
7) Please install "Comodo System Cleaner" or "Glary Utilities" ( and start it.
8) Use the Registry Cleaner to delete things left from uninstalled programs. You should restart your computer.
9) Install Java JRE 1.6.0_21 32 bit.
10) Reinstall JDownloader from
11) If JDownloader works now celebrate!
11a) Re-enable your development tools and messaging system.
11b) Please let us know it worked.
11c) You are done (goto :EOF)

B. Fix Antivirus and Firewall
If JDownloader still not work and you are sure you have the correct version of Java installed, start here. Your security software is probably interfering with JDownloader communicating with the internet.

1) The easiest way to see if your security software is a problem is to disable it, reboot, and see whether that fixes JDownloader. If it does, restart your security software and follow the steps in this section.
2) Open your Firewall program and make sure that jdownloader.exe, java.exe, and javaw.exe are trusted to send on any port. Make sure that java.exe and javaw.exe can listen to any port on the local computer (or at least ports 9666 (FlashGot) and 1038, but plugins for JDownloader use ports 194 (IRC/chat), 1500 (DTC part of IRC), 8765 (Web Interface), 10025(Remote Control)).
3) Make sure your antivirus has no network scanning, link scanning, web protect, or any other interference with the network. If it has any of these features, uninstall or disable them and reboot your computer. They do not add to your computer security.
4) If JDownloader works now celebrate!
4a) Re-enable your development tools and messaging system.
4b) Please let us know it worked.
4c) You are done (goto :EOF)

For more about security software, see Choosing Security Software

C. Removing your old security software
If adjusting your security software does not work, then you should replace it with less intrusive (but just as safe) software. Parts C and D are used together.
1) Set a restore point
2) Browse to Download the "Free" Firewall, and ThreadFire. You can use other products, but my experience is that these do not use a lot of memory or CPU time. Browse to and download Microsoft Security Essentials.
2a) Check the web site of your security software provider(s) and download the cleanup tool. Here is a link to more information about cleanup tools:
"**External links are only visible to Support Staff**
3) Uninstall your security software (or disable it if you cannot uninstall it - Do not try to uninstall Windows Firewall, just disable it.). This includes Antivirus, Firewall, and anything like antispyware. Run the cleanup tools. Restart your computer.
4) Delete the directories for the uninstalled programs.
5) Use he Registry Cleaner from either Comodo System Cleaner or Glary Utilities. Use the Registry Cleaner. This will remove items that the programs left behind in the registry. You should restart your computer.
6) Reinstall Java JRE 1.6.0_21
7) Reinstall JDownloader
8) Does JDownloader work now? 99% of the time it will.
9) If JDownloader still does not work, use the restore point from step 1 to restore your security software and contact us again. You may have to use
Advanced System Cleaning

D. Install new Security Software
Installation of security software known not to interfere with JDownloader.
10) Install ThreatFire (you may have to restart your computer). Allow it to update.
Threatfile is a program that warns you about "Virus like behavior". It will pop up questions about whether a program is allowed to do some things. At first there will be a lot of questions.
11) ThreatFire also has a scan for viruses called RootKits. Run the Intelli-Scan. The Intelli-scan does not scan your whole computer, only the parts likely to hide a virus.
12) Install the new Antivirus (you may have to restart your computer). Allow it to update.
This is a complete Antivirus. However, it does not have the extras to scan what you are doing on the internet. For Browser safety, try FireFox with NoScript and WOT (there is other browser security software, but this combination is known to work well).
13) In the Antivirus program, select Settings and click on Scan Settings and then Scan Exclusions. Click on Add File Type and select .part from the list of file types. There may be others you want to add later, but this exclusion speeds up JDownloader.
14) Run an Intelli-scan with the Antivirus. The Intelli-scan does not scan your whole computer, only the parts likely to hide a virus.
15) Now that you have run the scans, open the TreatFire Program, select Settings, and change the "Sensitivity Level" to 2 (learning mode) so that it won't bother you very much. After a week, set the Sensitivity Level to 3 (normal) or 4 (strict).
16) Install the new Firewall. (you may have to restart your computer).
17) Like ThreatFire, the Firewall will ask you a lot of questions. In settings, make sure Firewall Mode is "Allow All" (learning mode). Tick the box next to Automatically allow known applications. After a week, change the slider to Ask. This is a very powerful Firewall if used in "Expert Mode" you can control exactly which ports are open on which programs, and so on.
18) Try running JDownloader again. If it still does not work, you may need to use Advanced System Cleaning
19) Re-enable any programs that normally start with your systems. Make sure JDownloader is in the list.
20) Save another restore point.
21) Let us know about your experience.

Remember to always include a Log and list of links whenever you contact us about a problem.
Please, in each Forum, Read the Rules!.Helpful Links. Read before posting.

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