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Default Posting an Emergency Log

An emergency Log contains more information from java than an ordinary Log.

1) Start JDownloader. If you cannot do this, skip to step 4.
2) Set Settings -> Basics -> Log level=All
3) Exit JDownloader.
4) Open a command window (Start -> Run -> CMD for Windows) or terminal window for Linux and OS-X.
5) Change directories to the JDownloader directory usually one of the following for Windows
cd c:\programs\jdownloader
cd c:\jdownloader
cd c:\program files\jdownloader
cd c:\program files (X86)\jdownloader
cd d:\program files\jdownloader
6) Start JDownloader by typing this into the command window (OS-X users, leave out the -Xmx512m parameter):
java -verbose -Xmx512m -jar jdownloader.jar -debug -brdebug 1>javalog.txt 2>jderr.txt
If JDownloader still does not start use
java -verbose -Dsun.java2d.ddscale=true -Xmx512m -jar jdownloader.jar -debug -brdebug 1>jdlog.txt 2>jderr.txt
7) Run your test (provoke the error).
8) After the error has occurred, exit JDownloader.
9) The jdlog.txt and jderr.txt are two different kinds of Logs. jderr.txt is like the normal Log. jdlog.txt is from Java.
10) Make a rar archive of the two files.
11) Open a message in the appropriate forum and explain your problem or anything extra you have learned. List any links and/or passwords you used. List your Maximum Connections per file. Make sure to include your OS and version, Firewall, Antivirus, and any other programs running at the same time as JDownloader (in any request for help).
12) Click on "Go Advanced". Click on "Manage Attachments"
13) Click on Browse, find and select your rar file.
14) Click on Upload. When Upload finishes, click on "Close this Window"
15) Your message should show that the file is attached.
16) Click Submit Message.
17) If you changed your Log Level, start JDownloader, Set Settings -> Basics -> Log level=None, Exit JDownloader.

If you need more details
, read Tutorial for posting an Emergency Log

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