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Default How to create and post a Screenshot (Windows)

Especially when you have a problem with the user interface (GUI), screenshots can provide valuable information for solving the problem.

First, resize the window you are interested in by dragging the corners or edges. You usually don't have to capture a huge or full-screen window.

If you don't already have a screen capture program, please install the Freeware version of FastStone Capture (attached to this message).

If you don't already have a favorite Photo Host (not a file host), then we suggest (because you don't need an account) or (because of their high ratings and generous free accounts). Copy the underlined names to your Browser address bar. Remember, only download photos from these hosts, they do not check for viruses.

The easiest way to use a Capture program

a) Once the program is running. Click on the window to be captured and press Alt+Print-screen (usually above the Insert key on full size keyboards).

b) You will be asked where to save the image. Choose File. The desktop is usually a good place to store a file for a few minutes. You also have to choose a format:
PNG files are a good choice of format for showing small details.
JPG files are smaller and a little blurry, but usable, and
GIF files are usually the smallest and clearer than JPG files, but the colors are not preserved.
c) If your image needs editing, any image editor from the past few years can read and write all three of these formats. If you know in advance that the image will need editing, save it from the screen as a PNG and then save it in your preferred format from the editor. It is not a good idea to use the on-line editors.


The Image storage sites present you with a browse box. If all of the images to upload are in the same folder (for example the Desktop), then click on the first file and Ctrl+Click on each of the rest. Click on the Select button (may be labeled Open or Save) and your images should be uploaded (sometimes you also have to click on an Upload button).


Usually hovering the mouse pointer over an image or clicking on an image will give you a choice of different kinds of links. If it is a large image intended for support staff, choose the "Direct Link". If it is a smaller image, intended for everybody, choose the BBcode (or bulletin board) link that automatically adds the tags so that the image appears.

If you are posting more than two or three images, select all of the images and create a "Spoiler" with the Blue letters icon (you might have to "Go Advanced").

Some sites offer thumbnails or HTML code, avoid using those features.
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