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Default Instructions for Special Routers

Some routers present special problems. For some, we have a list of suggested reading. For others, you need external software.

Some people have indicated that they have a script that works for their router. If you find a script (or instructions) that works for your router, please post a thread in the Reconnect forum with the title "Script for " followed by your router brand, model, and version. For example "Script for D-Link DVA-G3342SD"

D-Link Router Users
Use Google to search for
Code: "skript" OR "script" "change IP" OR reconnect "dlink" OR "d-link"
Interesting D-Link posts
Script for D-Link DIR-615 (firmware 3.02RU)
Script for dlink-dir-100-fw112
Script for D-Link DVA-G3342SD ( HorstBox )
Script for Tiscali - D-Link DVA-G3670B
Script for dlink-635-reconnect
Script for dlink-dl-524

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