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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
DLC is just a encrypted container. DLC was designed to share links without the link(s) being exposed to other parties. It has also been stated numerous times its not designed as a backup medium of your previous or current download/linkgrabber lists. That said, it should either work or not work (say corrupted file) and no in-between.

In terms of linkgrabber filter, filter rules, I can not say why this is not working for you, as it works for everyone here. Bit hard for us to provide a reason to why, I'm not sure, you've stated numerous times its the same as the example, but at a guess maybe not a filter rule and instead a views rule? without seeing your setup guess at best.

Sure, I get the purpose of it as an easy way to share a bunch of links but I still don't get the point of encrypting it, not when you in theory just have to use JD to see them. If you don't want them exposed you don't post them in the open. I don't see what value the encryption add if not accompanied by a password.

That it's been stated to others numerous times is of no relevance in this case since I haven't read every single post made in this forum and have never seen DLCs as anything else than a container for links. And on top of that the creation of a DLC is available as a right click in the linkgrabber menu so why would one think it wouldn't work?

What's done, is done and now I'm looking for a way to solve it. Was just surprised and puzzled when I found them to be encrypted with no possibility to edit them manually.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Let's try to check this step by step:
0.) your links show up as "" in linkgrabber on right side/quickfilter in hoster section? they must not have prefix http_ !
1.) does the test button in your filter rule successfully apply/filter out a instagram test URL? The regex checkbox must not be enabled!
2.) The rule is added in Settings->Linkgrabber Filter->"Filter tab" and NOT "Views" tab ?
3.) Linkgrabber Filter is enabled? Settings->Linkgrabber Filter, checkbox in scrollbar or upper right corner
4.) You don't have any filter in Settings->Linkgrabber Filter->*Views* tab, that matches your instagram URLs ?

Seems I was a bit unclear in my reply.
Instagram is filtered out, everything except the first line in my previous reply is about the "do linkcollector link check" part of your answer.
The links aren't just added as you describe, they are all still checked for being online or not.

As I wrote new links aren't checked so seems the suggested setting doesn't apply to DLCs.
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