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Regarding DLC:
Well technically you could edit them but it is not a plain text container so in order to edit them user friendly, an extra tool would be needed and as said, you should be able to just use JD for that.
Are you planning to edit DLCs on a daily basis?
Would you prefer JD to use a different plaintext or XML export format instead of DLC so you could simply open it in a text editor of your choice?

Originally Posted by inzzzomnia View Post
As I wrote new links aren't checked so seems the suggested setting doesn't apply to DLCs.
That is impossible.

My guess is that your DLC contains more URLs that first go through a crawler.
Crawler plugins can also set the online status even without "checking" URLs and the "do link check" setting won't turn crawlers off as this would take away the ability to add certain links e.g. cloud folders like Google Drive or URLs to video websites that are crawled first in order to e.g. find multiple qualities.

So the questions here are:
- Which URLs are "still checked" (which host do they belong to?)
- Please provide a log

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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
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