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The double backslashes is was confuses me the most in your examples, can't figure out what purpose they serve since there's no single backslash to escape at that place in the URL.

This gets a green light with java 8 selected on regex101


and match what I try to fix

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

But JD still wont accept

	"enabled": true,
	"name": "nbc",
	"pattern": "(https:\/\/\/sites\/[a-z]*\/files\/images\/\d*\/\d*\/\d*\/NUP_\d*_\d*.JPG)\?impolicy=.*&imwidth=\d*&imdensity=\d*",
	"rule": "REWRITE",
	"rewriteReplaceWith": "$1"
Why not?
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