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I've tested some hosts with the censor lookup tool.

MF, 4S, MU, and RS aren't censored, but HF and FSe are. What's the logic behind this? Don't these hosts bribe the censoring mafia enough?

That's very bad if this is true. They know about all the cameras spying on them and don't react. Now they are censored and they don't even know it. They're slowly losing all their remaining freedoms.

That's one of the typical methods that dictatorships use to increase their power. When are the UK people going to wake up from this absolute nightmare?
This kinda give me the feeling that if we are unaware of what information is being filtered over the internet, god knows what else will they filtered to block information flows on the web, it is a bit of communism going on in UK, but they just call it an anti-terrorism measure.

Btw I also have an Hotfile account whihc is still fine and Jdownloader didnt automatically disabled the premium setting unlike Fileserve

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