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Originally Posted by maxpayne-x View Post
other installer is not clean ?
Others cotain adware ?

I dont understand you. Please explain it.

there is a offical link but Isnt it clean ?
The installers on the main page asks you if you want to install a bundled software - for example a toolbar. This is the way we earn money. The installer shows you a screen, and you can uncheck the toolbar installation. So you you read the installer screens, you will not get anything unwanted installed.

We do not like this Adware-Driven model alot, but there is no real alternative right now. We will offer a kind of "Paid-JD-Premium" Version of JDownloader that has no ads, and a few extra features. But this Premium services will come when we finally release JD2 (it is beta right now)

Unfortunately, JD2 Development is slower than we thought, and so we offer Adware-free installers here until we finally prepare for JD-Premium.

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