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Exclamation Problem with ALT + TAB switch


The problem (for me) exists for a long time now.
But I managed to say something and ask about the magic "bug".

After switching on my PC and preparing Windows, I am starting JD.
JD goes well as long as it's downloading is not active.
So switching between application using ALT + TAB works well.

But... after starting download - when the "culprit" shows it's face - JD does not switch app using the shortcut, in a good way.

The culprit is a window that shows up before loading captcha in the browser.
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The problem is I need to swotch TWO TIMES in order to change the active window/app using ALT+TAB keys. It happens everytime after the first captcha response window, that informs me that after a short while it will redirect me to the browser to solve captcha.

And while this small window shows up, ALT+TAB does not work well with JD - just like there was some other window in the background, but it's not visible and should not be "available"/detectable. After JD restart everything is "ok".

Do You know maybe how to fix that problem ?

It happens on Windows 7 64bit, PRO. I can check on Linux (cant remember if this happens), If You want.
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