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Default Restoring back slows down JD on new PC - will copying JD folder work?

Have been using JD for a long time but I faced a lot of problems while getting JD2 to work on my new computer:

1 - I got the backup file from old computer - but it slowed JD on the new one.
2 - I tried to load the backup file on various versions of JD - but it slowed them all
3 - I tried changing / replacing the 'cfg' file and also changing the xmsx to '1g' but nothing worked

Then I uninstalled JD and I finally copy-pasted the entire 'JDownloader 2.0' folder from C drive/users/username/AppData/local to the same location on the new PC.

Surprisingly, it worked alright.

I just want to know if I can continue like this as I don't want to lose my download list. Will it cause any issues in Windows 10 OS.

Also, I have MCAfee Anti virus with Firewall on new PC. Old one had Kaspersky Total security. Would that have caused the slowness in JD?

Please share your expert opinions.

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