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Default mirror system not working? download 1 file from multiple sources

i'm trying to use mirror system: i have the same file (same name, same size: completely interchangeable), to download from 3 different links, but even putting it in the same "container" in jdownloader, it never downloads from more than one source simoultaneously, and if i pause one mirror (or if it stops, for example by free downloading limits), it starts from another mirror link back from the beginning, basically wasting all downloaded before...just to be sure, i checked with some connection meter, and it effectively downloaded 5.1 Gb (filesize 4Gb; 1.1 Gb downloaded from the first link, and then downloaded the entire file 4Gb from second link
this matters to me because i dont have flat adsl connection, and any of the few Gbs matters!
is there something i can do to fix this? i checked the advanced options, they seem to be fine to me: "auto" detection of mirrors, 100% filesize equality
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