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But they do.

And yes, if I download such videos again via JD later, I will get a bigger file/better quality (normal, proper quality/size). Bigger size, better quality. But not only that. It's not just about JD.
In the browser directly on the webpage I will be able to choose the quality again.

And this is not just awful quality. You can't normally pick it.
Like watching video on xvideos with 360p (worst possible select quality) setting is hight quality when compared to this quality served when the limitation is hit. It's like horrible 240p or something.

I do not know how exactly this works from the backend.
But I do know, that they do something like this.
Like it's done when I download like 10-20 GB of videos in several hours.

It's just.
You know, at first JDownloader scans the files by links.
It appears that a video is 150 MB size.
But when u have this limit and u start download (or check the file again) this size shrinks to like 5 MB downloading with awful quality.
I think there should be a way to detect the difference in size. Why something that is recognized by JD/plugin 150 MB big now is downloading 5 MB only.

I can post some more info & thoughts later when I get this again.
I will look more in to it.
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