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I have that limitation hit right now.
From browser point of view:
As I said although the video is 1080p I can't even choose the quality.
+ when I hit play its as I said awful quality, even a lot worse than the preview still image xD.

U can see exactly how it works in JD when checking files again

Before limitation hit - I added them, JD says its this size.
After some time I hit this limit and refresed them so you can see.
And now JD scans again and oh, size is 90% smaller now xD.

If I would not do the scanning it would not matter.
Because JD would download them in this awfull quality too and the size would reset before the download starts exactly as with clicking the "Check online status".

+ being logged in doesn't change anything.
as from browser point of view
still playing in awful quality.
still can't set the resolution/quality, the option is hidden
still can't download the video in good quality.

Only medium and low.
But what's more: JDownloader is downloading with this "low" option.
^ 100% sure, cuz I tried download with low/medium and compared the sizes.
And medium is higher size than the Jdowloaders downloads. It downloads low size.
So it's not event medium.
And even if it was - still horrible quality; cuz video is 1080p and I want 1080p.
So it's not about being logged in or not imo.

And here are my settings:

So I had high quality + prefer HLS from the beginning, always.

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