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I see, okay.
When the updated will be ready I will definetly see if it works.
And if there are anything to add I will post this topic.

I think even 1. option is quite good alone.
If someone has awareness of this situation and will check links, JD will remember the original max quality sizes + proper setting is enabled that stops downloading when sudden change of size like this occurs...

It's one of three ways I'm dealing with this issue manually currently xD.
1.Sometimes I try to remember the package size, if its 27,5 GB originally but after some time I see it's down to 15 GB... probably this issue. And I reset last videos.
But it does not always work, cuz I sometimes stop and start and stop and start downloads many times... and limit is something hit and sometimes not. And it's not anymore that easy, to just look for the latest downloads and reset them. Cuz they are mixed.
But even if the download is in a row I still does not always remember the full package size.
Sometimes I have too manually
2.look for suspicious files, like look for strange+small resolution
3.look for suspicious low size files

2 & 3 are not great. Cuz 2: tricky, resolutions mix, they are many of them and... gotting them all... Like today I had to manually find and reset almost 100 links, it's hard.
3: finding low size files... sometimes they are just naturally low, especially when these vidoes are short in length.
Just dealing with it by myself manually is real pain and problematic.
That's why this topic and I posted all my thoughts about it I have.

When the updated will be ready I will definetly see if it works.
And if there are anything to add I will post this topic.
I am amazed by how much help and understanding I got here.
Especially with that hard problem, cuz I know it's not easy to replicate, reproduce.
I think you have to download a lot to have this issue. Like 10-30 GB and 100+ vids in a small period of time.

But it's big issue. Especially to these that are unaware of the situation.
Cuz I remember first time I discovered this I was shocked and didn't know what to do, what to think, what is this etc. I discovered hundreds of vids with terrible quality, that was the pain :o.

I am glad too I was able to help u understand it and uncover this issue.

I just wonder why Enable fast linkcheck for host plugin?
Approx time updated releases?
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