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This new option Try to recognize the limit worked fine for me.
But today (may be that way for 1-3 days now?)
Today I have the first problems with it.
It does not download cuz Low quality block active but in reality I have no block, the block is not active.
Maybe its because when I play the links their start size is 0 or unknown? and until few seconds normal kinda normal size?
I do not know but this option worked for me since the beginning.
But I have issues with it now. It won't download cuz block although I do now have really the block.

I recorded video so you can see for yourself how it exactly loooks.
It's acting super weird really.
Please look at the video
Link to video: **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

+to note again, I didn't have any problems with this option before, especially weird ones like this
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