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Found this website through theporndude. Apparently indexes videos available on other sites. They're pretty good. FHD. Some of which i can't find on PL. The trick for now is to ignore images and documents by unchecking those since i don't know how to create plugins. The speed is pretty crappy at a steady 200 Kb/s. I am unable to create an account. Don't think they have free accounts anyway. The host is I don't know if this is against policy or not but... You have a plugin for thisvid and they are the site with the highest rep for the scat department on TPD. comes second. Just downloaded a sample, it gave me a 720p file. Maybe it will give me 1080p if i change to a 1080p screen. Auto detection? I am unable to pick between 480p, 720p and 1080p... Edit: Not just Various ones i think, since it's an indexer. Don't really know.

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