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The site offers 480p, 720p and 1080p wherenever available. JD has a limit set on 720p. For racing purposes (fapping style, lol), the buffer speed is too slow, so playing it locally is the most obvious thing to do (not to collect, i don't do that). But, while 720p is not bad on a 24' or below 1080p screen, for me personally, is not good enough as i have better things to be doing. So, i don't mind streaming it instead, with the 1080p option. I do it rarely... Less than half a dozen times, but the content is really good. Hence why i would like to have my pick, but only with 1080p available. I thought you had a technique that could capture streams (don't know what i am talking about, lol) on older versions, but i don't think you're employing it now. It's okay, i am sure most people don't mind 720p, even if reencoded. I was downloading recently at a rate of 500Kbps so that improved.
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