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@Jiaz has correctly explained it. The whole point of the script was to check for dupes which are not already in the download list. There doesn't seem to be much point in the script again doing what JD has already done (highlighted as dupe).
Yes, absolutely.

Obviously I explained completly bad, very sorry:

Links are added to the Linkgrabber and JD marks them in red as dups (because they are already in the download list). When I then delete the dup links in the download list the dups in the grabber correctly are not marked / indicated anymore as dups (by JD). These links are not marked / disabled as dups by the script (although they are dups snf already available in history.txt. So the script obviously does not indicate them as dups (although they have already been added to history.txt. Could those links be marked / disabled as dups anyway?
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