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Default Blacklist for captcha solving

For a few days I was seeing some credits loose using one of the semi-automatic captcha methods available (9kw). More precisely the problem was with some luckyshare links.

When checking the blacklist I saw i already had that site blacklisted. And when checking Jdownloader logs I discover that when checking for blacklisted sites, jdownloader plugin for 9kw is not using the domain that host the file (in this case luckyshare), but the domain that host the captcha service (in this case recaptcha).
--ID:20853TS:1420465883015-1/5/15 10:51:23 AM - [org.jdownloader.captcha.v2.solver.solver9kw.Captcha9kwSolver(setdebug)] -> Hoster not on blacklist for - recaptcha
--ID:20853TS:1420465883015-1/5/15 10:51:23 AM - [org.jdownloader.captcha.v2.solver.solver9kw.Captcha9kwSolver(setdebug)] -> Hoster not on blacklist with prio for - recaptcha

Why is jdownloader using the captcha solver domain and not the host domain? Is there any configuration tweak i can change to get that behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

PS: Sorry if the post doesn't belongs to this forum, I put it here cause I think the 9kw plugin is officially supported by jdownloader.
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